16hr Outdoor Fist Aid Courses

Prices £125pp non residential taking place in Cardiff.
Group prices dependent on group size maximum 12 people.

Course Includes

  • Roles and responsibilities for first aiders
  • Incident management
  • ABC primary survey
  • Summoning appropriate help/rescue services
  • Treatment for unconscious casualties
  • Treatment for non-breathing casualties
  • Use of an AED
  • Treatment for bleeding/shock
  • Recognition and management of life threatening illness
  • Recognition and management of drowning/hypothermia
  • Insulation and shelter
  • Age awareness for vital signs/CPR/bleeding
  • Ongoing monitoring and casualty care whilst awaiting help
  • Secondary survey
  • Bone, joint and soft tissue injuries
  • Illness/medical conditions
  • Poisons, burns
  • Hypo/hyperthermia, dehydration
  • Stabilising/insulating/monitoring over time
  • Providing emotional support and promoting the wellbeing and mental health of first aiders post incident
  • Treatment of minor issues, e.g. small cuts, blisters, bites, stings, etc
  • Additional first aid topics specific to the needs of the participants (as required by the environment)
  • The content of this course is matched to the IOL statement of Good Practice on Outdoor First Aid at Band 3.

Also available

  • 1 day emergency first aid
  • 1 or 2 day sport first aid
  • 3 day first aid at work

If you are interested please
contact me directly or call



“Ben’s service is second to none. It was my first time so I was little nervous at first but straight away Ben made me feel at ease and explained everything in great detail. He also went above and beyond, giving me hints and tips of how I can stretch different muscle groups. 10/10”